Do I need a phone line?
No! Ikaltek services uses microwave technologies to provide our connection. No phone lines are required.

Is it different than satellite internet?
Yes. Our wireless signals travel between towers while satellite internet travels out of the atmosphere and back.

Do you allow Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing on your network?
Yes. We allow P2P file sharing.

What are the risks of P2P file sharing programs?
Even with an Antivirus program installed, your computer can still become infected at which point your personal information maybe compromised.

Do I have to be home for a Site Survey?
No. Being we have permission, site surveys can be conducted without anyone being home.

Does your wireless service work in poor weather?
Yes. In bad weather our wireless service works great. In the occasion of extreme weather conditions such as
heavy wet snow, the connection may be briefly interrupted depending on how far away your residence is from our tower.

Are there any over charges or hidden costs involved with going over the bandwidth limit?
No. Instead, the system will slow your connection speed to 1.5 mb/s download and 128 kb/s upload.